Aqil Ingram

We exist to cultivate humanity, together, by improving quality of life through traditional Islamic education, secular education, spiritual worship, character refinement, economic development, fortifying family values and dispelling concepts and habits falsely attributed to Islam. 

About Aqil Ingram


Kenneth "Aqil" Ingram II spent some years studying at the Islamic University of Madinah in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

He further had the opportunity to participate in academic gatherings with scholars from varying regions of the Near East.

He has been involved in the apologetics of Islam within the United States of America for two decades. He has provided extensive familial counseling and has engaged in community organizing across the country. Throughout this time, he has become a cleric, author, educator, translator, and orator.


He has studied Jurisprudence and Legal Theory with the Islamic University of Madinah and Psychology with Thomas Edison State University.


He is also the former Director of Language and Theology at the M&M Learning Center and  a former Administrative Chaplain  with the Department of Public Safety.

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