Ingram Consulting

Our Services

Ingram Consulting is a solutions-oriented spiritual and familial consulting firm. We help our clients succeed by providing principled service, quality work, integrity, and confidentiality.

We provide a myriad of services ranging from consulting to educating to training, all within varying fields.

We work closely with our clients to provide seamless service from inception to completion.



We have near twenty years experience providing coaching and consultation services.

  • Marriage and Family Life

  • Personal and Pastoral Care

Islamic Creed Academy

A one year course premised in Islamic disciplines to grant elemental depth within spirituality, theology, ritual worship, and character within one's daily life pursuits.

  • Exegesis

  • Theology
  • Prophetic Biography

  • Jurisprudence



True legacy only occurs through multiplying oneself. We offer training in areas we have excelled in so that the skill sets we have acquired can be passed on to future generations.

  • Preaching

  • Public Speaking

  • Arabic Language Translation

  • Arabic Language Understanding

Real Estate Service


As a real estate investor and real estate services provider, we offer training to qualified selected candidates in the art of wholesaling property without cash or credit to buy and sell the property. We also purchase property from those whose circumstance can benefit from releasing the property quickly in exchange for cash purchase.

  • Real Estate Investment

  • Wholesale Mentor Program




Please feel free to submit a request for us to appear in your locale for public oration and educational services.

  • Sermons

  • Lectures

  • Educating

  • Officiating Marriage

Document Preparation


Often there are requests for standard spiritual documentation for marriage, the work place, and other official capacities. We have you covered.

  • Marriage Certificate

  • Divorce Certificate

  • Affirmation of Faith

  • Work Place Islamic Attire

  • Final Arrangements

What People Are Saying

I've known Aqil Ingram for a decade, and he has taught me Arabic to the extent I wouldn't be reading Quran if it wasnt for him. He has assisted me on multiple occasions throughout my marriage. When I was on the verge of divorce, he counseled me with knowledge premised upon Quran and Sunnah. He has helped me with personal issues that have wavered in my soul and provided solutions that resulted in me becoming stronger in my faith and more stable in my life. I have not seen anything but impeccable character and patience from him. His efforts are a model to be emulated - N. S.

Imam Aqil Ingram's lectures on Islam have given me the fuel to continue with my love of faith. There will be days when I'm just an emotional wreck or my energy level is spiraling downward, then I listen to some of his lectures and it is as if I am suddenly illuminated from within. I am forever grateful to Allah for having blessed Imam Aqil with the gift to relate and convey to the people with the clarity and dedication he has, speaking only the truth. He has given me immeasurable spiritual understanding and enlightenment. - Y. H.

Shaykh Aqil Ingram is a wonderfully superb spiritual leader, and his guidance has helped me out tremendously in my life. His knowledge and advice have helped me toward better a understanding of Islam. He was able to help me when no one was able to, and this is after I attempted, through others, to seek understanding of situations I was challenged with. I seek and trust his consultation. - W. B.

In my time of knowing Aqil Ingram, he has worked tirelessly to help the people, both individually and collectively, as an Imam. He has counseled many couples and given advice to a multitude of people. It is my experience that he has been a tremendous help to the community at large and I'm glad he is present to help. - J. M. J.

From what I know of Aqil Ingram and observing his work, he has a very balanced approach to educating others on the topic of Islam. His delivery is very conducive to the manner of the African American community, as well as other communities. I truly hope this service can be a benefit to society as a whole.      - A. D.


Imam Aqil Ingram is a very humble, patient, and wise man. When my wife and I thought of marrying, he was the first person and only person I asked to marry us. He was very knowledgeable and patient in discussing the ways of the faith to my wife, as she is not a Muslim. Imam Aqil is a man's man, and I am honored to have him as a brother. - W. H.

This is a firm of imminent benefit and opportunity for anyone seeking improvement on any level within one's spiritual and financial world. - N. A. B.

Aqil Ingram is a very kind and intelligent brother. I found him very approachable and knowledgeable about life in general and Islam in particular. When I underwent his Arabic course, he welcomed me with a warm smile and made sure I was aware I could reach out to him. He is a great person to turn to if you are ever in need of counsel. - C. B.

In my dealings with Ingram Consulting, the services provided have not been anything less than outstanding. The manner of professionalism and diligence portrayed has had a lasting effect on whom I deem professional and diligent. Indeed, they have set a new standard. From language training to marriage counseling Ingram Consulting has put their best foot forward ensuring my needs are met as a client. I have benefited a great deal in, spirit and knowledge, from the Islamic Creed Academy as well. I have witnessed myself over time grow as a person after having matriculated through the Islamic Creed Academy curriculum. I hope to think my critique of Ingram Consulting and the many services they provide are not biased but based on my judgement of good character. I would proudly recommend Ingram Consulting to anyone for any of the services they provide. - J. T.

I met Shaykh Aqil Ingram some years ago, as we became heavily involved in urban community outreach. Since then he has become my go-to mentor for a variety of things; including Islamic research, editorial reviews on my thesis papers, financial literacy, and family counseling, just to name a few. Anyone seeking services from Ingram Consulting will be receiving more their money's worth with a business minded individual as well as obtaining solid orthodox Islamic advice for whatever suits your needs. Mr. Ingram has been a trusted colleague, mentor, and friend, and I wholeheartedly approve of his services. - K. S.

Shaykh Aqil Ingram is a sincere and humble human being who is firmly grounded in his faith, someone who truly wants for his fellow man what he wants for himself. When Shaykh Aqil was teaching me readings of the Glorious Qur'an in Arabic, I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Thanks to Shaykh Aqil, my Arabic reading is more fluent and proficient now. What I admired most about Shaykh Aqil was his patience with me and his promptness. Whenever he said we would have a session, he always kept his word. I can guarantee Shaykh Aqil will not waste your time, or his, and you will be in the best of hands. - O. L.

Ingram Consulting is a good service for the Muslim and Non-Muslim. I know Imam Aqil Ingram personally and have had many consults with him on different subjects. The Imam is well grounded in theology, Arabic language, prophetic tradition, and jurisprudence. This service is a much needed vehicle for Muslims and Non-Muslims alike and an opportunity to attain solution to obstacles within one's life, without having the band-aid effect. I believe this service can solve people's problems, whether marriage, divorce, or financial difficulty. - A.A.T.

I was a student under the teaching of Imam Aqil Ingram. We loved and appreciated all of the magnificent knowledge from the Glorious Quran and Prophetic Traditions he taught us. His teaching is highly beneficial and strongly needed in these days and times. - S.J.


Beautiful and very informative. I will certainly be recommending these services. - H. L.


Imam Aqil Ingram has served as a valuable point of contact for introduction to the Islamic community. He has answered every question I've had in a timely manner. He has been the spiritual guide that has pointed me in the direction of Quran and Sunnah. I value his counsel and his direction. - M. J. N.