Ponderings: You can't control if you're born in poverty, but you can control if you die in poverty

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The below mentioned opens a healthy and interesting thought line for all to ponder.

This idea is one of mind-set and one of heart-set. It is one that is theological as much as it is psychological.

An honest and humble inquiry of trigger response, the question is why would our first interpretation of the said quote not be seeking provision from Allah? Placing our trusting reliance upon our Lord? - As that is from the epitome of monotheism in practice.

In rhetoric, it is the word "control" that presents initial theological challenge, yet when it comes to one's spouse, one's property, or one's authority, many of us would not hesitate to attribute ownership, power, right, and control to human beings under this umbrella whilst innately affirming separation between the right of our Lord and the right of the creation in this regard. We do this every day of the week.

The only observable variable here is the combination between control and wealth within one sentence, which is interesting.

Segueing into a second thought, the concept and use of wealth are both highly integral to spiritual aspects of our faith.

Do we pay the Zakat every year? Do we qualify to pay it? Have we ever paid it? Are we okay with that?

The same line of questioning can be applied to our Hajj, the type and frequency of our charity, the ability to support our centers and initiatives, and what legacy we are building for our children and grandchildren after we're long gone.

In summation, I suppose I'm saying we must focus our mindset upon wealth creation as a spiritual mechanism just as prayer and fasting are acts of worship.

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